About U4E Foundation

United For Education (U4E) is a non profit organisation, established with a vision to reduce educational inequality by improving the standard and quality of public primary education in Nigeria. We offer a more simplified and effective platform to avail corporate organizations the opportunity to achieve their corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals.

We are focused on bridging the gap between private and public education, so that through corporate volunteerism, mentorship and infrastructure development, pupils in the public primary school system can have access to the quality of education that would make them more competitive in the future. Thus helping Nigeria build a critical human resource base that can improve overall national competitiveness.

The foundation was founded in 2012, incorporated in 2013 and began its initiative in 2015.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to mobilize the largest network of corporate volunteers who will volunteer their time to teach in public primary schools as a way of giving back to society and also for organizations to uniquely participate in employee engagement activities.

Our Vision

Our Vision is a Nigeria where every child is equally able to achieve their dream by having the right availability of primary education.

Our Belief

Our Belief is to create a positive mindset at an early age, through regular and sustained classroom interaction with our volunteers, who in addition to teaching, act as positive role models and possible life mentors to these pupils. It is with hope that a better work force emerges in the future, as an outcome of the simple weekly commitment of our volunteers.

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