Message from Our Founder

I am product of the public education system in Nigeria. I am a trained geologist, a former investment banker and now a consultant in the energy industry.

Due to a number of factors, Nigeria’s public education system is dysfunctional and face rapidly declining and deteriorating standards. Worst affected is the public primary school system, which is the foundation of the education pyramid. This has serious consequences for Nigeria’s ability to compete economically on the global stage and drive skills based investments.

I believe the best way to address this problem is by tackling it from the foundation. My experience as a school teacher during my one year mandatory national service as a youth corper in a public primary school in Edo State created a strong desire within me to do my bit in improving the quality of public primary education.

Thus in 2009, as the Chief Financial Officer of an indigenous E&P company, I made several attempts to volunteer to teach at various nearby public primary schools but was refused permission at all the schools I approached. I discovered that I required written permission from the state education board to teach and was discouraged when five months later, my application to be a volunteer teacher was still under review. Whilst about to give up, I realized that just like myself, there must be several other people, perhaps even corporate organizations with similar intentions, who may have encountered the same challenges I faced.

This is when the idea for an organization that would simplify the process of allowing and enabling employers and their employees, give their time and resources as volunteer teachers, to improve the quality of public education in Nigeria was formed. “I believe that the wealth and development of a country is largely dependent on the standard and quality of its public education system”.

The United for Education Foundation (U4E) creates a platform by partnering with state education boards, to provide a structured opportunity for individuals and corporate organizations' to volunteer as teachers in public primary schools across the country. My sincere hope is that we can all work together as partners to create a brighter future for Nigeria’s leaders of tomorrow.

By getting individual and corporate volunteers into classrooms to teach and inspire thousands of disadvantaged pupils across Nigeria, I am confident that young lives will be positively inspired and our nation affected for good. By interfacing with volunteers who serve as positive role models to these disadvantaged pupils right in their classrooms, we can set them on the path of self-discovery at an early age, ensuring they are properly guided and motivated to achieve their dreams and become active contributors to societal development.

I sincerely hope that you join us in achieving our vision of a Nigeria where every child has access to quality public education.

Odion Wesley Omonfoman

United for Education Foundation
Our founder Odion Wesley Omonfoman Founder, U4E Foundation

Our Mission

Our mission is to mobilize the largest network of corporate volunteers who will volunteer their time to teach in public primary schools as a way of giving back to society and also for organizations to uniquely participate in employee engagement activities.

Our Vision

Our Vision is a Nigeria where every child is equally able to achieve their dream by having the right availability of primary education.

Our Belief

Our Belief is to create a positive mindset at an early age, through regular and sustained classroom interaction with our volunteers, who in addition to teaching, act as positive role models and possible life mentors to these pupils. It is with hope that a better work force emerges in the future, as an outcome of the simple weekly commitment of our volunteers.

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