About Teach for Change

The Teach-for-Change (T4C) program is an employee volunteer program that aims to close the gap between public and private primary education in Nigeria. It focuses on primary 5 classes.

Through the interaction with our corporate volunteers, we also hope to give the pupils a vision of their tomorrow and positively influence their life choices.

It is an educational intervention platform through which Organizations can actualize their CSR action.

One of the objectives of the T4C program is to create real change in public primary education by improving numeracy (Mathematics) and literacy (English) competencies through corporate volunteerism. Other objectives include:

  • To create powerful, potentially life changing experiences not only for pupils in public primary schools, but also for corporate volunteers themselves.
  • Pupils are not only to be taught critical lessons in Math and English, but get inspirations from positive role models in the person of volunteers who themselves get a unique opportunity to give back to life and inspire whole generations of Nigeria’s future leaders.
  • To enable organisation to impact education at grassroot level.

Success Story

  • Initiated the renovation of Awoyaya Primary School
  • Face Uplift of Jinadu Anglican Primary School
  • Adoption of Kuramo Primary School
  • Donation of Playground equipment to Kuramo Primary School
  • Facelift and rehabilitation of water closet and borehole for Lagos Model Primary School, Lekki Lagos.
  • Donations of stationeries
  • Other gifting done at regular volunteering classes by our volunteers
  • Inter House Sports financial support
  • And more...

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